Spending Time in a Forest for Stress Relief

Without forests the world would be a bleak place indeed. I count my blessings every day that I live in a place that is surrounded by forests, and each day I make sure I go for a walk in one of them. I am a little bit more careful in summer though, as I have come across many a poisonous snake in my time. I spend time in the forest to help me relax by soaking up the smells and listening to the sounds.

Forests cover over one third of the Earth's land, and as far as we know, there appear to be not many planets that have the lushness of Earth where we humans could survive. Lucky us that we get to live here.


spending time in a forest for stress relief

Forests are home to many birds and wildlife. One of the most enjoyable things to do when in a forest is to stop and listen. It is a wonderful way to do a brief meditation, even if you are standing. When you surround yourself with nature, your body absorbs the energy if you stop to experience it. Listening to the birds and frogs is a beautiful way to take time out and energise yourself.

Spend some time in a forest to relieve depression
Relief from Depression

To help combat the blues consider spending time in a forest or parkland. Being in nature is a wonderful way to boost your mood. If this is not possible where you live, then try bringing the forest to you with wall art, and plants. Wandering in nature has a calming effect and an awesome way to break free from the frazzle of everyday life.

Nature for stress relief

It is common knowledge that exercise can help lift your mood, but not everyone wants to hang out in a gym. Give yourself a double happy whammy by exercising in a nature such as hiking, yoga and running.

Exercise in nature for anxiety
Be Inspired

Need some inspiration? Get your creative juices flowing by spending some quiet time in nature, use the peace and downtime to write your wonderful new ideas in a journal. Make a point of not looking at your phone when you are doing this exercise. No distractions, just you and the birds!

Tallest tree in NSW

I came across this word a while ago and I can really relate with the meaning 'our innate love of life & the natural world'. I have always been cheerful in nature. When my brother died at the age of 34, it was painting nature that got me through that awful time of my life. So from my own experience, consider bringing nature to you or taking yourself to it when you need some downtime and stress relief.