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Food for the soul: Sweet treats

Do you have a sweet tooth? I do, and because I try to avoid sugar, well certainly the refined stuff, sometimes it’s a little hard to find a little treat. So what do you do when you can’t find what you want? You make your own of course or you solve the problem in some way or another.

I make myself little treats that are no bake and I vary the recipes all the time so below is just an example of what I make, you will need to play around a little yourself to see what works for you.

As a guide a like to have in the pantry:

Almond Meal

Vanilla Essence (not imitation)

Currants or sultanas

Sunflower Seeds

Manuaka Honey (Yes it’s expensive but so good for you)


Shredded Coconut

Mayvers Tahini

Mayver’s Cacao Peanut spread

For this batch here I mixed together (Use blender)…

½ tsp Vanilla Essent

½ cup Almond Meal

2 TBL Mayver’s Peanut Spread

2 TBL Tahini

2 TBL Sunflower seeds

2 TBL Currants

1 TSP Mixed spice

Now blend…if it’s too runny gradually add more Almond Meal if it’s too firm add more of a liquid ingredient i.e. Tahini or honey. Then experiment and don’t be afraid to add different essences.

Roll into balls and pop into the fridge. I love it with a cup of French Earl Grey Tea!

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