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Food for the soul: Mushrooms & Rocket Salad with Tahini & Lime dressing

This is quick, easy and filling. Note I cook for one so you will need to adjust. My recipes on this blog are for the person with Crohn's Disease to make quickly without much fuss.

Small Brown Button Mushrooms (I used about 8 sliced for this one)

1 TBL Pine Nuts

Black Pepper

2 TBL Olive Oil

Handful of fresh rocket

1 small avocado

1 TBL Tahini

1/2 juice of one lime

1/4 Small green capsicum

Fresh coriander to taste

Lime infused olive oil (optional)

Sprinkle mushrooms with lots of freshly ground black pepper. Once they are nearly cooked throw in the pine nuts, stir around and then turn off heat to let cool slightly.

Mix a handful of Rocket, slice up a small avocado, slice 1/4 green capsicum, and some fresh coriander to taste.

Mix 1 TBL tahini with juice half lime. I also add a dash of lime-infused olive oil.

Mix the salad with the dressing then top with the mushroom mixture.

Remember: Stop eating as soon as you are full. That's always helped me.

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