Five Ways to Reduce Waste in the Kitchen

There's a lot of waste produced in the kitchen and it can be avoided if you set up five simple steps.

Five Ways to Reduce Waste in the Kitchen #1 Composting

Kitchen food scraps make great compost. Even if you live in an apartment you can still make a great compost with a little bin under your sink that will feed your indoor or balcony plants. I love the Bokashi Urban Composter City a small bucket turns scraps into valuable nutrients for the garden. it is completely airtight so won't attract flies or other pests and will not cause any unpleasant odours. I use two of these buckets, so once is 'fermenting' I still have one to add scraps to.

Urban composting

Here's how it works:

  • Place your your food scraps (cut them up first) and place them into the bucket. This compost bucket works with all types of food scraps including plant, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee grounds, egg shells and even flowers that have died.

  • Spray Compost Accelerator onto the scraps each time they are added with the Spray Compost Accelerator (4-5 times).

  • Make sure you push the scraps down on the layers each time they are added and always keep the lid tightly closed.

  • In a few days you will be able to drain the liquid (soil conditioner) from the tap.

  • When the bucket is full, drain all the remaining liquid, dilute it and add to plants and garden. Dig the rest of the p