Five things you can do to lift your spirits

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Five things you can do to lift your spirits

Life has really thrown some hard punches at us all in 2020. For me, as an Australian, it all started in 2019 with the horrendous bushfires, the drought and, for the finale, came COVID-19. That was bad enough and then came the riots. So much hatred and violence in the world has got me asking myself why did I ever sign up for this project called life? Do you feel the same? When I think things are rough I look backwards in history and recall the dreadful things humans have always done to each other and I accept it really is all part of the journey.

Coronavirus really caused some upheaval in my life and I had to move to an isolated property in the country for a while. Today I am feeling a little lonely, so I put into practice what I preach.

Here are my five things you can do to lift your spirits when you feel bored, lonely or frustrated with life.


When I had my second child (over 24 years ago now) I put on a bit of weight and suffered postnatal depression. One day I was whining about it and my husband told me to start exercising. So I handed him the baby and went for a jog. Within months, I was super fit again and my postnatal depression had gone. You do not have to run a marathon to exercise, you absolutely have to do something though! Currently I love walking and yoga. I also love lifting weights and now that the gyms are open again I am heading back there this week.