Five Alternatives to Single Use Plastic Shopping Bags

I seriously do not understand what all the fuss is about with two major supermarkets here in NSW Australia no longer supplying single use plastic bags. If you shop at Aldi you have always had to pay your 15c to buy a bag that can be used again. It's really no big deal. The only problem I see is that I used to use my plastic bags for rubbish, so now I have to buy rubbish bags and of course they are plastic. I wish I could come up with a solution for that one!

Here are five alternatives to single use plastic shopping bags.


Trolley Bags

These great trolley bags fit onto a shopping trolley. You place your items in the trolley and then when you are at the scanner you can pop them straight into the trolley bags and then into your car. The bags have handles to make it easy to carry your items. Once you unload the shopping place the bags by the door to remember to take them to the car for the next time you need them.