Finding Coloured Feathers Meaning

Finding Feathers

I have been finding feathers for years and to me, they are always a sign that I am on the right track and following my life purpose. The feathers that come to me are always beautiful and colourful like the ones in the photo above that I found the NSW countryside of the Manning Valley.

Many people believe that finding feathers is a sign from angels. I believe that too and there are many books about signs from angels and stories of people who claim they have even been helped by these Celestial Beings.

From my own personal experience, I find colourful and pretty feathers when I need guidance. I find that when I spend more time on this blog, I always get signs that I'm doing the right thing. I have even been told by psychics that this is the path for me. I guess the number of lovely feathers I found recently is more than a sign.