Find Calmness Using YOURS APP

Yours App mindfulness review

I've always been drawn to spirituality, mindfulness, and practises like joy-finding and meditation and was delighted to discover Yours App consisting of a variety of meditations, soothing music, and wellness coaching. A mood tracker, breathing clocks, and functions for managing anxiety, psychology, and sleep are also included in the programme .

How Yours App Works

Yours App is an interactive programme that chooses material that is customised for the user. When you initially open the app, a set of questions will be shown to you, and you can choose from a variety of wellness-related themes to customise your experience. You can save time by not wasting it searching for pointless films and music by doing this. Yours App offers a cosy online retreat where you may spend time alone guilt-free with carefully created meditation routines, sleep stories, yoga activities, soundtracks, and more. The features of the application have superb audio and video quality.

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Therapy & Psychology

The app's creator teamed up with psychologists and mental health specialists who offer advice in brief videos on subjects like relationships, stress, sleep and to help you lift your vibe. Yours App compiles the most recent information on research, analysis, and news in the field of mental health. The authors provide advice on how to live your life and exciting discussion starters for family and friends. The subjects covered by my custom app include:

  • Own your thoughts.

  • establishing ties

  • Stress Alert After COVID19

  • Perfect sleep

These were all expressed through carefully crafted videos.

Breathe Clock

This section of the app is one of my favourites. A little pause is all that is required before choosing a breathing exercise that times your inhale, hold, and exhalation. Along with the relaxing music, chimes, and vague natural noises, the breathing exercises have an immediate calming effect.

The breathing clocks are a great tool for increasing brain sharpness, physical vigour, and body tranquilly. Each of these seven breathing exercises can be timed and customised for length and intensity. Sometimes, especially during stressful moments, we need to step back and consider our breathing patterns. The breathing clock shows you when to inhale, hold your breath, and exhale.