Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.

I can so relate to this saying. Fear stops us from doing so many things because we might be scared of failing, we might worry that we will become successful and wont' cope, we fear what other people will think of us and the list goes on and on.

Throughout my life I have had many times when I've suffered so much fear that it nearly stopped me in my tracks. Mainly mine were financial problems with a failed business, but I always managed to pull myself away from that fear and tenaciously move on.

The tools that I have used to stop fear in its tracks are to what I call 'flip thought' and that means think of the opposite of the fear. So when I was fearing lack of money, I thought nice thoughts about what it would feel like to have lots of money. This practice helps in many ways and the most obvious is to help eliminate that dreadful emotion called fear. The other valuable use for this sort of thinking is that fear is a negative vibe, and bad vibes attract more bad things. Therefore if you are in a state of fear, it may attract to you exactly what it is you fear.

Another way to combat fear is to have a morning ritual that helps put your mind in a more positive state.

Fear has been described as False Evidence Appearing Real - in other words there it appears real, even though it is a fear of a future event and is not happening now.