Every Moment you Live in the Past is a Moment you Waste in the Present.

It was indeed profound that I came across the quote today. I'd been up most of last night worrying about something in my past, and what I 'perceived', in my mind, were people who betrayed me. What a silly and ridiculous wasted emotion feeling like this; yet even though I knew it was not doing me any favours having these vibes, they just would not go away.

I'm up in the country again visiting family and due to go home tomorrow, which saddens me because being in nature is what gives me so much joy. However, being a blogger about Sydney means I really can't stay any longer. I woke up feeling quite down so I thought the best medicine was to put my work on hold for a few hours, after all I don't work 9 - 5, and take off to a rainforest. I absorb the energy from rainforests so much that it's almost like a magic wand sprinkles happy dust over me and everything gets better! I was actually feeling 'pulled' to go to the walk as it was right out of my comfort zone, usually I just get stuck into my work on Monday morning but something told me I had to go to this tranquil place, that good would come from it.

The drive to Wingham in the Mid North Coast of NSW from Nabiac where I was staying with my daughter isn't very far so I took off in the car ready to get myself re-engergized and lift those silly negative vibes.

On the way I stopped at this beautiful lookout. It's a spectacular view and makes me so grateful for living on this amazing planet. That was step one of lifting the vibes; gratitude.

Following on from that spectacular stop I drove down to Wingham to a beautiful part of the National Park. It's a boardwalk that is full of the most amazing trees, bush and hundreds of Flying Foxes that make so much commotion you nearly need earplugs! But I loved it, I loved entering this sacred space knowing that I would have time to think and meditate on forgiveness and lifting my spirits.

Some of the trees are enormous, I stopped and just looked at their beauty and magnificence, and again I just soaked up the vibes from these trees, the smell of the forest. Truly an amazing place to be.

Flying Foxes Manning Valley

These are some of the Flying Foxes that were perched a tree, although they are a bit creepy I found them very interesting, especially the colours. By now I was totally unwinding from my bad vibes.

Manning Valley NSW

This little cutie let me get up close enough to take this pic.

Once I had finished my walk I was totally in a new headspace and starting to feel myself. So I went into the little town to have a coffee and scones with Jam and cream.

This pic via Instagram

Now it was time to drive home and on the way as I was stopped at some roadworks I got some good news about a family member. I took myself off to see my mum's memorial at the crematorium and then headed back to my dad's place where I'm staying the night prior to heading home to Sydney tomorrow. By now I was feeling so much better and had no more resentment about something extremely trivial when I thought about it sensibly.

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