Embrace the good with the bad and try to go with the flow

How many times have you said to yourself on New Year's Day "thank God that year is over"? It's a habit many of us probably have stating that the year just gone was quite frankly "bloody awful". I'm certainly guilty as charged, however this year I really thought about what I was thinking and realised that I was focusing on the terrible things that happened, rather than all the good things. One thing I have learnt in my years is to embrace the good with the bad and realise that it's an event that will pass at sometime.

I had a life changing event in the last few months of 2016; A cancer scare that shook me up like never before.

Going back to what I said before there were also many amazing good things that happened in 2016; a list so long I couldn't even try to put it all down in writing, and this brings me to that word that I try and live my life by; gratitude.

I have so many things to be happy and grateful for:

  • The ability to walk, see and hear.

  • My health for sure!

  • My children who have grown up to be amazing young women.

  • Two of my friends recently got married despite the Australian Government refusing to legalise same sex marriage.

  • Fantastic friends

  • I do what I love doing for a living

  • I live in a beautiful city, Sydney

  • A successful blog about things to do in Sydney

  • The joy I get from teaching others how to market their business online

  • Food, and a roof over my head

And of course the list goes on. So with the start of 2017 I am ready to embrace the good with the bad and try to go with the flow. It's the only way forward.

#Hope #Life #Gratitude

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