Dana Vulin A Story About Power

Dana Vulin

No one should ever go through what Dana Vulin has been through. Dana's story is one of the most inspirational I've ever read and it's worth sharing with my readers. In 2013 Dana was set on fire by a jealous ice-addict. The criminal is a woman called Natalie Dimitrovska who is now serving 17 years for this horrible crime. Not enough if you ask me; she should get life. If there is ever a reason to wipe out the drug ICE then this is a story that must be read. Through her crazy ice-addicted mind Natalie believed that Dana was having an affair with her husband, which was totally untrue. This woman became so obsessed with Dana that all she wanted to do was destroy her looks. She succeeded for a few years but this is not a story of a victim here; this is a story of a powerful woman who would not let another Human Being destroy her.

Without going into the whole story imagine one day being a beautiful confident young woman and then the next you are in intensive care so badly burnt that no one could even recognise you? Imagine waking up out of a coma to face unbelievable physical and psychological pain? Imagine having to learn to walk, toilet yourself and brush your teeth all over again as an adult? Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing someone who was no longer you? Imagine facing the woman who did this in court and then sit through her lawyers trying to discredit you? Imagine wearing a pressure suit for 3 years? Imagine your family standing by you this whole time because they love you so much? Imagine a security guard kicking you out of a store because you were wearing a pressure suit to help heal your scars? Imagine your attacker's lawyers trying to get the courts to make you take off your pressure mask in court? All this is the story of Dana Vulin and I have just finished reading her book "Worth Fighting For".

For anyone needing some inspiration or encouragement then this a book for you. Yes, it's terribly sad but in the end Dana Vulin proves that no matter what is going against you, the human spirit can beat unbelievable odds. Dana's story has a happy ending.