How to Create a Tranquil Home

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Updated December 2020

How to create a tranquil home

Photo: My living area

No matter where I live, renting, owning or even sharing, all my life I have created my own little place of tranquillity. Personally home is haven, it is my escape from the madness of the world and a place where I can unwind and feel safe and happy. I'm fortunate that I work from home, so it's even more important that my space feels peaceful and has a positive energy.

Now more than ever, people are staying home due to COVID lockdowns and many more are working from home either for themselves or their employer. It is therefore more important to have your space full of good vibes. I prefer to have an office seperate from the living space. Not everyone has the room for this so consider purchasing a room divider and try and create a space that is just for work.

You may even want to consider consulting with a Feng Shui expert to help you organise your home and work space for maximum benefit.

Tips on creating a beautiful space

Clean and Tidy

I respect myself enough to want to live in a clean and tidy home. Nothing is more upsetting to CHI energy than clutter and dirt. If your home isn't as clean as it should be, start with a deep clean by going through each room and meticulously, clean windows, window sills, skirting boards, cupboards etc.. Clear out any clutter and make sure your home is well presented. Once you have done that, it is easy to keep the rest clean and tidy on a daily basis.

A home needs to be clutter free and clean to attract good energy.

How to Create aTranquil Home

Buddha and Tranquil Ornaments

I love the serenity of the Buddha and have a number of them in the home. Choose from statues to wall art. Buddha is tranquil. If you are into meditation and yoga maybe you can create your own little sacred space just for these practices. Include plants, yoga/meditation mat, tranquil ornaments and essential oil diffuser. Make this your sacred space to unwind and chill out.

create a meditation room in your house

Tingsha Bells and Tibetan Bowl

Musical instruments used for meditation, healing, and clearing space. When the two pieces strike each other they produce a clear, pure, uplifting sound, which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation. I sometimes ring them and place them over my body to absorb the energy.

tingsha bells


Candles are a beautiful way to create a tranquil home however as wonderful as they are fires are often caused by leaving them unattended or burning during the night. With so many beautiful candles on offer these days you will certainly create some tranquil space with uplifting fragrances. Candles are also useful for meditating if you have a mind that wanders all the time, light a candle and stare at the flame. Gently release any thoughts that get in the way.

candles to help create a tranquil home

House Plants

Beautiful plants will give your home a peaceful and tranquil vibe. Orchids are especially beautiful for creating tranquility in the home. Many people have self doubt about growing plants, however there are many varieties of houseplants that are easy to grow.

How to create a tranquil and peaceful home