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Coping with Crohn's

I recently read an article by Sylvia Keays who I was introduced to by a mutual friend, on her journey with living with Crohn's Disease. To be honest, it sort of stopped me in my tracks, because I too, was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease about 18 years ago, and apart from a few hospital stays, I have been really good. I coast along, and it I get the odd flare up I just keep going.

Sylvia did the same and guess what? It all came crashing down.

When I have had flare ups I have pulled myself back into line very quickly with my diet and mindset. So I know it can be done. However, after reading Sylvia's post I'm going to start to smell the roses more often and not take things for granted.

Read the post on "Coping with Crohn's" by Sylvia. Pictured below. Thanks for sharing Sylvia.


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