Chester Bennington ....You Legend #RIPChesterBennington

I had to take a double take when I read that the Lead Singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, had committed suicide. Could this be true? This amazing talented person, who had wealth, fame and love, took his own life? Surely this wasn't true!

It was! Then waves of emotion flooded my soul. I have been through this awful grief; losing my brother to suicide.

Apparently Chester Bennington never recovered from the death of his friend, another music legend, Chris Cornell.

Chris Cornell's suicide also sent me in a spin. Why? Because both these men are creative. Good looking. They are musicians, just like my brother, Gary (Gaz) Stephen Doran who took his life nearly 19 years ago, and, to this day, I have never recovered. As a child, Gary was 'meddled" with by a Catholic Priest, also a family friend, and that f***d him up.


I get it. Depression is an illness and probably kills more people than any other disease.

But... politicians don't care....they only care about their own lives. Their egos.

Depression has a stigma. Don't deny it, it does!

There have been many times in my life when I have been 'dramatic' and thought, 'that's it, I'm outta here'. The truth is, I don't have the guts. Why? Because life is an adventure to me and I want to keep the adrenalin running. For those who don't fit in to this tough school of knocks....they just want to go home. They just want peace.

I have listened to Linkin Park's music for two days. This incredible talented man has gone from this world. His voice will live on. This band has lost an amazing member. Can they recover? I doubt it. I hope so. Some of the lyrics in Linkin Park's songs stop me in my tracks; it is almost like Chester Bennington knew for years that he would leave this world by his terms.

RIP Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and, Gary Doran....I hope you are all jamming together in a place that many on Earth, don't believe in.

#Sprirituality #Suicide #Grief