Charge What You Are Worth As A Freelancer

As a freelancer, my biggest issue over the years is getting paid! Half of this is my fault, and half is because I've had clients, which quite frankly, are more trouble than they are worth. Then I've had fabulous clients that pay on time, are easy to work with and I've kept for years.

The one thing that I have learnt through these experiences is that I must always take a deposit and have an agreement in place before commencing any work. That's now not negotiable with me and if my potential clients don't like that then they can find someone else.

When you ask for a deposit, that means you and the client are making a commitment, and when you have a one page agreement outlining what you deliver, that you both agree on, this sets you up for success. However, like many freelancers, I always had the fear that if I was too demanding the client would not work with me. Guess what? Those clients that I was lenient with, just didn't pay or stopped corresponding and these are not the clients that I want to attract into my life to work with.