Cape Hawke NSW

Since moving to the Mid North Coast NSW I have been exploring every part of this paradise. Recently, I took a trip up to Cape Hawke, NSW. I had driven up the evening before and started the 450m climb (it's steep) up to the Cape Hawke lookout, but 50 metres in I was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes, and being allergic to them I took off back home, deciding to come back in the morning armed with insect repellent.

Bright and early the next morning I took myself back up to the start of the climb. I literally had to spray so much insect repellent on me it was ridiculous to keep these vicious monsters at bay, but I was determined to get to the top.

It was such a beautiful walk, and you do need some level of fitness to get there. Because it is the middle of summer, I was careful to watch out for snakes, but pleased to say no snake was encountered on my way up through the rainforest. What I loved was the songs of the birds, the smell of the damp earth and rotten leaves and the tranquility of it all. Being in the middle of a forest energizes me.

At the top of the walk my eyes set upon the lookout. Then the mosquitoes came after me again so I sprayed myself and also them! Talk about determination those little insects don't give up!

As I was the only one at there at the time, when I climbed up the lookout I was in awe of the amazing view that looked at miles of beaches and lakes. Nature is the most wonderful thing, it always brings me such peace and makes me feel so grateful for another day to experience this planet.

Cape Hawke is one of the tourist attractions of Foster, NSW.