Can Spirits Contact Us After They Die?

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Millions of people believe that life continues once we transform from this physical body to the next world. I truly believe this myself and have had proof that those who have passed on can sometimes communicate a message to us that they are ok. I know my brother did, all those years ago and I still can remember it exactly as if it was happening right now.

A few days after Gary died, just before his funeral, his spirit came to visit me. I was in bed, crying. I was awake and alone. Suddenly, like a video, a vision played in my mind. It was so vivid that I knew I was absolutely not dreaming. At the time I was awake. I heard a voice, so clear, that it sounded as though it were coming from inside my head. I heard Gary’s voice say, as clear as a bell, “Debbie, I’m OK.” It startled me. I heard it with my ears but also from inside my head.Then I had a vision; I saw myself and I was on a bench with my head in my hands, crying. I looked up and Gary came toward me, smiling like I have never seen him smile before. I felt elated. He was wearing black jeans and a jumper with a diamond on it. The top half of the diamond was white and the bottom half was black.

Gary, was made of light. He sat next to me and put his arms around me. He nodded his head and winked with a half-smile, a characteristic of his in life. He telepathically conveyed to me this message: “Everything you believe in life after death is true; I am really happy.”I can’t stress enough here about this telepathic message. It came across to me so strongly, it was as if I heard him say the words. But he didn’t have to speak.