Butterfly Spiritual Signs

Updated: Jun 21

I'm a great believer in spiritual signs, and lately, I have been observing hundreds of butterflies. Last week, I even visited a butterfly farm up the coast for a story on one of my other blogs. I'd say it has been the last 6 weeks I have noticed butterflies are appearing everywhere.

The butterfly photograph above is one that I took at the butterfly farm.

I have been observing butterflies down at the beach, when I'm driving, in the garden, and they appear everywhere. Nothing unusual about that; it is the amount of them that I'm observing that is perplexing me. And it seems the more we are in lockdown, the more I notice when I go for my trails.

I've known something big was coming but even I'm shocked at how quickly COVID19 hit the world so intensely. I never thought it would be a pandemic, I expected a natural disaster.

I believe in the Higher Self and I pray to God and Jesus, although I do not belong to any religion or Christian organisation. So this morning I asked 'God' 'The Universe' 'Jesus' to give me a sign that we will come through this that I could not dispute. I asked to hold a butterfly.

After my request I was walking on the beach and I almost stepped on a butterfly that could not move. I managed to pick it up and I guessed it could not fly because its wings had something wrong. I strolled with it for a kilometre in my hand and I prayed to Jesus to please heal it. When I got to the end of my path, I figured it was not going to survive and it fluttered off!

I was amazed because I had noticed one of its tiny wings had a tear in it. I'm still amazed at this happening today.

Have faith.

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