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Butterfly Spiritual Signs

Updated: Mar 28

I'm a great believer in spiritual signs and lately, I have been seeing hundreds of butterflies. Last week, I even visited a butterfly farm up the coast for a story on one of my other blogs. I'd say it has been the last 6 weeks I just keep seeing butterflies everywhere. 

The butterfly photograph above is one that I took at the butterfly farm.

I have been seeing butterflies down at the beach, when I'm driving, in the garden and they appear everywhere. Nothing unusual about that; it's the amount of them that I'm seeing that's perplexing me.

To go off track a bit I am going to mention QAnon and The Great Awakening. I am only going to put it in a nutshell from what I have studied and learned from others. If you really want to know the most in-depth information about these two topics then check out David Wilcock. This man is a highly evolved person and has spent his whole life studying. His knowledge is incredible. Also, David gives away so much for free, his heart is in the right place.

I've known something big was coming but even I'm shocked at how quickly it's all happened. I believe in the Higher Self and I pray to God and Jesus although I don't belong to any religion or Christian organisation. So this morning I asked 'God' 'The Universe' 'Jesus' to give me a sign that I could not dispute and hold a butterfly.

As I was walking on the beach today, I almost stepped on a butterfly that couldn't move. I managed to pick it up and I think it couldn't fly because its wings had something wrong. I walked with it for a kilometre in my hand and I prayed to Jesus to please heal it. When I got to the end of my walk I thought it was not going to survive and it just fluttered off!

I was amazed because I had noticed one of its little wings had a tear in it. I'm still amazed at this happening today.

Have faith.

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