Be who you were created and you will set the world on fire

How many times have you read about people who were brought up by strict parents and forced into a career they really didn't want? Maybe they were not suited to be in that job because it is not their personality. I know in my recruitment days, I used to do online psychometric testing on my candidate which would give me a pretty good clue whether they were suited for a certain job or not.

I'm a 100 wpm touch typist and I was always very good at ADMIN roles i.e. personal assistant, but that wasn't my personality and I'm sure not my life purpose. I'm far more creative and entrepreneurial for those type of roles and I never felt they were my life purpose. There are other people who absolutely thrive and love those roles, and if they are happy then they must be on track with their life purpose.

We all came here with some sort of plan. We also came here to love. Love overshadows fear, yet it is fear that sometimes holds us back from what we love. How ironic is that? If we are not doing what we want then how can we be fulfilled in this life? I know I could never be an outbound telesales person, yet I know some people who excel at those jobs and do it really well. I have had many people say to me that they would never put themselves out there on the internet like I do, but I love it. I love creating content and I love sharing it. I also know people who would rather crawl under the bed and hide for a week rather than talk on a video or speak in public, but I say "hand me that microphone right now' because I love it. I didn't always love it though. I used to be terrified and that's because the beginning of my working life I was always working in jobs that were in a support role and that's not my personality. I wasn't excelling at what I was meant to be doing because I was stuck in jobs I didn't love. Being in those roles made me feel trapped and that I was never supposed to be in the limelight. As it turned out I wasn't working to my life purpose and things have changed a lot since then.