Are You Really Enjoying Being Controlled by Bureaucrats and Politicians?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Bureacratic and political control

I do not know about you, but one thing for sure I do not like being controlled by others. I did not sign up for this "Earth Mission" only to be told what I can and can't do by a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats that have only one thing on their agenda; power and keeping their cushy jobs. I should point out something else here too. Just because I'm "spiritual" doesn't mean I have to be a snowflake. I'm actually quite the opposite, entrenched in my way, and do not tolerate fake people. I especially find it a tough job in this life to come to terms with the ridiculous antics of this planet and especially by those who have chosen a life to be 'in power of others' in some way or another.


Let's take the Coronavirus as an example, and how our freedom was taken away from us by 'those that know best'! How did that work for you? Personally it did not affect me too much because I live in the countryside, so I had many reasons to 'escape' from home detention. I also blatantly ignored the 'rules' when it came to leaving my house. I sat on the beach, I walked in the bush, I went to the shop whenever I felt like it and I refused to be under house arrest due to the 'new communism'. Once when I went on a remote beach (yes remote with no other people on it) a 'security' helicopter was flying over to catch 'offenders' so I just went and hid in the bush chuckling at how ridiculous the NSW Government has become.

I used to be a loyal Liberal voter here in Australia, but I will never ever vote Liberal or Labor again in my life. I will never hand over my power to another person or major political organisation.

I'll get off Corona for now because I'm bored to death hearing about this man-made biological weapon. I'm furious that 'those in power' decided that billions of people in the world lost their income and faced financial ruin. In Australia. At the time of writing there were just over 100 people dead from Coronavirus in Australia, mostly elderly and with ongoing medical conditions. I could possibly be included in that list I am 58 and have a 20-year history of Crohn's Disease. That is 100 out of millions of people that transitioned to the following journey of their sou