Anti Inflammatory Diet For The Flu

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Anti Inflammatory Diet

At time of writing Australia has been hit badly with the flu, including a number of deaths which has been very sad. Personally, I've had pneumonia before and that was bad, but nothing has ever compared to the length of severity of this bout of the flu. In fact it took me close to seven weeks to start to recover. This is why I was inspired to write this post about an anti inflammatory diet for the flu! This was my saviour!

My flu started one Friday afternoon, and it wasn't just a cold, runny nose, aches and pains; I was hit severely with fatigue like I've never experienced before. I've never been a person to sleep during the day, but these last seven weeks I've slept more during than I've ever done in my life! Not only did I feel sick, my back teeth ached, I couldn't sleep and my body felt like it had been beaten.

My flu had me visit the doctor three times, once with a temperature of 39 degrees. Two times I was put on steroids (Prednisone) which I really don't like taking, the first time they helped, but when I finished I quickly relapsed. The second dose, which was longer, did nothing! I was so desperate and felt like my whole body was inflamed and burning inside. I felt sick. Really sick! I remembered a time when I was terribly sick and hospitalised with my Crohn's Disease, and when I came out of hospital, pumped full of steroids, and I was fat because of them, I decided to wean off them (under doctor's supervision) and go on a strict anti inflammatory diet. It worked fast, and I not only got well, people were always commenting on how fabulous I looked. I lost the weight in no time. My only regret? Over the years I let that diet go, especially when I became a popular influencer in Sydney, Australia and my life turned into nightly parties at events.