Anita Moorjani's Incredible Recovery From Cancer

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Anita Moorjani Dying to be me

I first read Anita Moorjani's story about her incredible recovery from cancer in 2012. Her book "Dying to be Me" is one I often refer back to about Near Death Experiences, and believe me I have read many books on this subject. I think for anyone who is scared of dying, Dying to be Me, might bring them some comfort and help them to start living an abundant life.

Anita Moorjani was terrified of dying and she writes about that fear, and the fear of many other things, in Dying to be Me. Fear, Anita believes, is what caused her to get Lymphoma leading to her 'death'.

In her book, Anita shares really good advice for living and replacing fear with love. These lessons she learnt when she crossed over to the other side where she felt unconditional love, peace and met her deceased father. Her description of her Near Death Experience is fascinating and when she was brought back to life she knew that she would be healed from Stage IV lymphoma. And she was! There is medical evidence to prove that Anita Moorjani's body was so ravaged by cancer that there was literally nothing her medical team could do to save her.

Anita Moorjani

In fact, it was fear, Anita believes that gave her cancer in the first place as I mentioned before. As you read Dying to be Me you will go on a journey with Anita Moorjani and discover how scared she was of living her life prior to her Near Death Experience.

Anita’s Moorjani's Near Death Experience is the most incredible I’ve come across and the medical records backup her claim that she should not be alive now. In fact, Anita who was in a coma and riddled with cancer did die, well her body did but her spirit did not! Without giving the whole story away, I can tell you that Anita Moorjani crossed the other side and when she was in that realm she learnt that the most powerful tools for living is love, and not fear. As we all know, fear is the opposite to love and a negative emotion.

Anita’s book was written by the backing of the late Dr Wayne Dyer, who encouraged her to write the book which is published by Hay House.

Anita Moorjani Dying to be Me

Since I can remember I have always wondered what my purpose on this planet is. I can remember as a child, asking myself the question "Who Am I?". I'm so curious about the meaning of life that it is the driver behind everything I do. I was even told once by a psychic that I need to stop living in the spirit world and take a bigger part in being human. That actually made a lot of sense to me.

My curiosity about the meaning of life has resulted in studying Near Death Experiences for nearly 30 years! In fact, I actually contribute a lo