An App That Lets You Track Where Your Food Orginated From #Plate2Farm

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Have you ever wondered where your food actually comes from? Well for those lovers of organic produce and would love to know where it comes from and how it gets to your plate you can now track it just by scanning a Q Code. Kialla Pure Foods have an app (Plate2FarmTracker) where you can scan the packages of your organic produce and trace back to where the grain originated from. The company has also released a downloadable recipe book called; Plate2Farm Recipe Book, packed full of recipes from famous, local and inspiring chefs.

Farm2Plate recipe book

The Plate2Farm Recipe Book came about due to the success of the Plate2Farm Tracker as many people showed an interest from in wanting to know the source of their food. The Tracker has the ability to trace any product by Kialla Pure Foods to its original source. If you scan the code you will discover how the produce was milled, treated and stored plus you get to know the farmers through photos, interviews and videos. The Plate2Farm Recipe Book is free to download at To track the products download a Q code or jump on the website above.

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