An Angel’s Touch…..Friend

Painting by Gary Steven Doran 25.11.63 - 2.11.1998

My brother Gary Doran took his life when he was 34 years of age. I was deeply traumatised by his death and it took me years of grieving to finally come to terms with it. In 2007 I had a psychic reading which was so profound that I have never forgotten it, it in fact why I have put feathers on this website. The clairvoyant told me that my brother would send me a parcel in the mail, and I thought it was the most outlandish thing I had ever heard, however he also told me that Gary "loved the tattoo, the tattoo of the feather". I had a tattoo put on my lower back three weeks before this reading in memory of Gary. I was totally amazed that the reader knew this as the only other person who knew about it was the tattoo artist. I felt it really was an Angel's touch that was helping me to keep my faith that life after death continues.

A couple of weeks after this reading, I was stressed about my love life and feeling very down. I was on my computer and it flicked on and off, and I thought – hmmm I wonder. The next day, I went to the post office in the morning and collected a parcel.

I opened the parcel and I received a beautiful note from a lovely lady Lisa, Lisa owns an online gift website called Beautiful Baskets, and we had met each other online after she contacted me after reading my story about Gary. I was shocked to learn not long after our friendship began that Lisa had also suffered an enormous loss, her beautiful little girl had had a terrible accident and was taken to heaven.

Her story is very inspiring and Lisa is a woman of great courage and strength. Lisa’s note said “Deb, I saw this and immediately thought of you”.

I wondered what on earth was in the parcel and as I opened it up there was an exquisite white feather, with a gold bow on it. It’s stunning and with it was this beautiful poem.

An Angel's Touch

The other day I looked above

and saw an Angel near

I asked a favour for someone I love

and hoped

my message clear.

Please Angel,

let my Friend see

She’s loved so very much

and Angel

will you promise me

to let her feel your touch.

The Angel Spoke

and moved my way

that’s when the feather fell…

“This gift is yours to

give her this day,

it proves my promise well”.

As you can imagine, feathers are an important sign to me and I always find them when I need a message or just to know I am on track with my life purpose and what I am supposed to do with my time on this planet.

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