An Amazing Experience at Billabong Yoga Retreat Sydney

Billabong Retreat Sydney

I have been so slack in writing on this blog because I've been busy with my Sydney Lifestyle Blog, and of course my work at my Social Media Marketing business. I can't believe it's nearly six months since I've written anything on the Jasmine in the Forest, but whenever I start to neglect this part of my life, I always get pushed back into it. All sorts of hints, coincidences and messages come to me to get back on track.

Some funny things have led me back here, including a stay at this wonderful Yoga Retreat that I did for Sydney Chic. You can read my full review of Billabong Retreat here as well as lots of photos of this beautiful natural space.

Leading up to my stay, I have been receiving some very coincidental signs, for instance I was watching Netflix and in one show two necklaces, exactly like I own, kept turning up on actors in the show. The necklaces that I own both resemble the Gratitude symbol. If you are not sure what that looks like see the illustration on the right.

Sometimes I seem so busy that I forget to take time out for myself, so being able to go away for a night to experience some yoga and meditation was exactly what I needed, not only to rest and unwind but to also get me back onto this blog.

When I did the yoga class, I actually felt a little unwell after, but I'm told it's because my body was massaging the kidney's and this can release some toxins. I actually felt quite nauseous during the night, so much that I skipped on breakfast. However, I wasn't distressed with this I felt it was a good thing. Also when I was doing one of the meditation classes, I relaxed so much that I could actually feel my heart pumping and the circulation going through my whole body; I've never felt this before.

The Jasmine in the Forest Blog

I am always in awe at how the Universe keeps us on track. I know that this blog is a far cry from my Urban City blog, yet I feel so comfortable with this one and I know it is part of my purpose; I've written about this throughout this website.

There was one last thing that happened with this visit to Billabong. On my first night back, I had a very vivid dream of my late mum. It is coming up to two years since she passed away and I haven't dreamt about her for a long time. I remember seeing her face very clearly in the dream, and I even heard her voice. She gave me some advice which I have taken on board and she was surrounded in Gold. That was truly a lovely experience.

So hopefully it will be a little less time in between blog posts on The Jasmine in The Forest.

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