Akiane Kramarik Interview

Photos have been published with permission from Akiane.

I have been a fan of Akiane Kramarik for years after searching for some peace to help me with the grief of losing my brother, Gary. Gary's suicide affected me deeply, the grief was overwhelming but at the same time it also was a deep spiritual awakening for me; I was searching for meaning of life and proof that there could possibly be another world after we leave this one.

When I discovered Akiane's paintings I would spend hours just looking at them and the depth of beauty each painting has. As I look at some of her portraits, and especially in the eyes of these paintings, it feels like I'm looking into a soul.

I was in awe that a child of four could draw like this. By by the time she was eight, Akiane was painting exquisite spiritual paintings. By the age of nine Akiane was discovered by Oprah Winfrey who interviewed the young artist on her show.

I decided to email Akiane to see if she would agree to an interview with for my other blog, Sydney Chic and to my delight she agreed.

This morning I woke up early for some reason and when I fell asleep I dreamt I was with the Kramarik family in their yard in Chicago having a cup of tea with them. Following that I dreamt that I had received a message from my mum, who passed away last year, that she was moving things in my house, it was so real I woke up in a daze.

Here's the interview (recorded on Skype so forgive some of the quality).

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