5 indoor plants to brighten your home

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Do you ever feel the energy from plants? I do, especially if I am in a forest, or botanical garden. Plants ground me and always make me feel relaxed and happy. I admit I live in a beautiful part of the world, I am surrounded by water and National Parks, and despite this, I still have a balcony alive with plants.

Even if you think you can't garden, I would like to challenge that thought because everyone can be a gardener, even if it is owning a few indoor plants. Plants need light, water and fertiliser and most importantly, love and care. Yes, they pick up on your energy just like animals can.

By selecting plants that are easy to grow and placing them in beautiful containers, you will easily brighten up your living space.

Here are five plants that can brighten your home.

Croton plant for indoors


Also known as "Picasso's paintbrush". The beautiful plant offers the colours of red, gree, copper, orange, yellow, pink, ivory and brown. It's a vibrant plant with beautiful patters. If it is in the correct spot it may even flower. They are a tropical plant and need moisture and humidity with bright indirect light. Make sure the potting mix is well-drained.

Grow basil indoors


Who can resist the fragrance of basil? It is a culinary herb easily grown indoors, on balconies or the garden. Mosquitoes and flies are not fond of the scent, so grow Basil in abundance to deter them. The keep your Basil contented mist it regularly and place it in direct sunlight. Basil is an annual plant so it needs replacing.

Aloe Vera


Known for its healing properties, the fingers of the Aloe Vera plant produce a cooling gel that may be applied directly from the plant to the skin. The Aloe Vera plant offers relief for minor burns, bits and cuts. Aloe Vera juice is used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera can be grown inside, on a balcony or in the garden. It is easy to propagate. Allow this plant to dry out completely between watering, it needs bright light and a gravelly soil or potting mix.

Green Ivy from the roof


This beautiful evergreen plant is perfect to hang from the ceiling or place on a shelf, it is helpful for collecting unwanted particles in the air. Many cities are using English ivy to mitigate air pollution and you will see ivy growing on living garden walls of high rise buildings. Ivy is easy to grow, it likes most soil, partial sun and well draining soil.

Christmas Cactus


Cactus are the easiest plants to grow, as long as you keep them in the proper environment. They need warmth to produce flowers. The Christmas Cactus blooms in the winter months which is unusual for these desert loving species. The bloom in the middle of winter is sure to bring a smile to your face. Add some sand to the potting mix to keep this plant content.