The Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020 #coronavirus

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Coronavirus toilet paper famine

Like most people in the world right now I'm watching and waiting carefully to see what unfolds with the mass hysteria and the Coronavirus. I have been predicting something massive has to happen to the world for years because things are not right; our society is not set up to be fair for everyone. Many of us are selfish, self-centred, egotistical, greedy and the list goes on. This has been proven with the latest craze of toilet paper hoarding. Of course, the opposite is true for many other people in the world who are selfless, give service to others and charitable.

Before I continue though. I should not speak for 'most people in the world' because a large percentage on this planet have no food, sanitation or water. These people probably are not reading about the great 'Toilet Paper Famine of 2020' because for most of their lives 'they' have never had toilet paper, food on hand or the luxury we first world countries have had for so long.

Billions of people do not have access to safe sanitation. Did you read that?

I live in Australia and for some reason, that I can only put down to complete ignorance and selfishness, we have a crisis! A toilet paper shortage! And, very soon, we will have no food on our grocery shelves because of panic buying! People are already fighting in the aisles of supermarkets and stocking up without a thought for anyone else. Let alone the elderly and sick. Oh, by the way, I have Crohn's disease and toilet paper is really important to me! I'm not flaring with my Crohn's as I write this but I send my love to all those with bowel problems that don't have the supplies they need right now!