Welcome to the Nature Oracle.  These cards were digitally designed by me using photos of birds and flowers that I have taken on my camera. 

The e-book that accompanies the cards, has detailed instructions and stories on how this process works.  

To use the oracle, use your mouse and stack all the cards into a pile.  Close your eyes so you can only just see the pictures without knowing what the card is (or you can close your eyes completely). Start moving the cards around until you sense it is time to stop. The card you stop on is your card for the day.  Look up the meaning in the e-book, however it is how you feel about the card and the word that you should take into account.  Oracle cards are best used on tablet, laptop or desktop. You can also purchase the e-book I wrote here with the meaning of the cards here.

I hope using these tools will help you in living an abundant life.

Download the worksheet for the book here

Oracle cards happy
Oracle Card authentic
oracle card vibration
oracle card beauty
oracle card pleaser
oracle card love
oracle card perfect
oracle card harmony
oracle card accomplishment
Oracle card illuminate
oracle card adventurous
oracle card laughter
oracle card forgiveness
Oracle card wonderful
oracle card possibility
Oracle card peace
Oracle card silence
Oracle card abundance
Oracle card content
Oracle card strength
Oracle card uplifting
Oracle card heaven
Oracle card joy
Oracle card freedom
Oracle card rigid
Oracle card divinity
Oracle card Light
Oracle card powerful
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