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I have been marketing online since 2004, and blogging for over a decade.


I have a passion for helping others build their digital profiles, and have worked with a diverse group of clients, from small business to entrepreneurs. It makes me happy to develop digital marketing and social media campaigns for other people.  I believe that being authentic is the key, as well as having fun.  

The proof of my ability online is: I'm the  Publisher and Editor of Sydney Chic –  a lifestyle website about living in Sydney this blog; The Jasmine in the Forest and publisher of North Coast NSW Life and Leisure.

I offer one-on-one coaching, group training, teaching people how to start a blogsocial media management, ghost blogging, and websites.


So if you are struggling to get noticed online, don't really know what Twitter is about, and have a limited budget, then drop me an email at





Like many people in life, I’ve had my fair share of pain too. I’ve lost a brother to suicide, I’ve suffered financial ruin from bad business decisions,  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1999 and lost my mum in 2015. I’ve had some hospital stays with the Crohn’s and I refuse to take steroids and other drugs because of the side-effects, therefore, I have to manage it in other ways. There have been times I’ve become slack with my diet and the disease flares up which causes me excruciating pain. Sometimes living with Crohn's Disease has given me been so bad that I’ve literally doubled over and can’t walk. In 2019 I could have died from a Psoas Abscess as a complication from Crohn's Disease. Crohn's is distressing and scary. On this blog, I share my diet tips, mindset and anything else that has helped me keep off heavy duty meds.

NOTE: I am not saying that what works for me will work for you and you must never replace your medication or go off it because of anything that I have written on this website. We are all different and my purposes here is to give you food for thought.



We live in a world of chaos, wars, famine, murder, stress, working to make others rich and the list goes on. Yet, amongst all this, we can make our own little sanctuaries and practice routines that can keep our stress levels down. The Jasmine in the Forest is partly a health and wellbeing blog sharing stories about mindset and healthy recipes. There's a lot on here about Crohn's Disease because I've been living with Crohn's since 1999.


Nature is the most powerful force on this planet yet many of us take it for granted. The Jasmine in the Forest is partly a nature blog showcasing beautiful photographs and stories about nature. I have found that living with Crohn's Disease can cause a lot of stress and when I immerse myself in nature, even if it's my own little garden sanctuary, it brings me a great feeling of wellbeing.


There is something really rewarding about living an eco-friendly life, whether it's the power it gives you to break from the norm by doing everything you can to recycle, upcycle, reuse and put your kitchen scraps back into the earth. Maybe just the power you have over what you spend your money on by only purchasing sustainably. All these things make living an eco-friendly life worthwhile and personally brings me a lot of happiness. You will find lots of tips such as reducing kitchen waste on this blog. 


The above is my professional BIO, however, the down to earth, get my hands dirty girl, loves to inspire other people, and although I have built a very successful blog with Sydney Chic, which I love and adore, I could not share the real me. The woman who has asked the question Who Am I? since she was a little girl, and always curious about life and why we are on this planet and what happens next? One of my biggest questions of this life is why do so many people have nothing and others are living an abundant life? And what exactly is an abundant life? To me living an abundant life is when you are truly happy with what you have, you are grateful and the bills always find a way of getting paid and life brings you lots of unexpected good surprises. 


Since I can remember, I have always had a fascination with the spiritual world and death (I know that sounds weird).  I know I am here for a reason, as we all are, and it's because of that knowledge that keeps me striving to live every day to the max, experience everything I can in this physical realm, and prepare myself for the next life, by being as loving and caring as I can.  I also know that my life is a precious gift, and it is my responsibility to make the most of it, strive always to be happy and to embrace it. The most important lessons are to love .... and that can be hard when people piss you off! This is exactly the same for you.


I don't understand the man-made rules, and especially those of religion. Politicians and bureaucrats do my head in! I have studied Near Death Experiences for over 30 years, and it is this that really helps me to understand why we are on this planet, and why we should strive to find and live our life purpose. I was brought up a Catholic and the church put the FEAR of GOD in me. Luckily, I can think for myself and realised that no-one has the right to tell me how to live my life. I gave up the Church over 30 years ago. I do believe in Jesus, I do believe in God and I do believe our soul continues on after we die; I just don't need the middle man (priest, church etc) to communicate on my behalf. I also believe in the power of prayer.


Please never forget; you don't take anything physical with you when you leave this world; you only take love so buying a meal for a homeless person is worth millions in spiritual dollars. 



Am I psychic? I prefer to say I'm intuitive and yes I've had many psychic experiences, I've also experienced out of body episodes, an NDE under anesthetic and much more. I get a 'feel' for things. A lot of what I write on this blog I don't believe comes from me, but from a 'higher' source. The name of this blog was 'told' to me and I have been pushed and pushed for years to work on it, originally I thought I was going to write a book but as it turned out this website became the book. The day I came up with the name was when I was going through a very tough time, and I took myself on a bike ride to pray to the Higher Source for guidance by a lake. On the way back riding my bike a very powerful surge of words came into my head "you have to write a book and call it The Jasmine in the Forest". To this day I distinctly remember it was a message not of this world. Later that night, a very strange thing happened with a heavy object moving, and there was no explanation that I could think of how this was possible other than it was confirmation of my message.



Any products I have posted are because I think they are amazing and ended up in my life for a spiritual and conservation reason. There may be some affiliate links on this blog, however, anything that I publish here is because I feel it belongs here. I am not a medical doctor or nutritionist so please see a professional for any medical condition or nutrition advice. What works for me, may not work for you.

If you are going through a scary time with Crohn's please reach out. Sometimes knowing there are other people you can talk to or relate to can really help. 

With love,


The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure Crohn's or any other disease.

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