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Welcome to The Jasmine in the Forest.  A sanctuary to rejuvenate and discover nature's gifts.  This website will demonstrate to you on how to have an abundant life using essential oils. Whether you use the beautiful pure organic products or consider joining the business, all the information you need is found on this website. Please Enjoy x


The Jasmine in the Forest strives to educate people about the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-infused products to assist with many of life’s ups and down. Let'so transition from a chemical based lifestyle to one of low tox.



Essential oils don’t just help us on a physical level they help to optimise our energy and wellness. Pure essential oils also helps us to clear obstacles and achieve our highest potential emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so that we can live an enriching fulfilling, purpose-driven life, with the best health and energy possible.


Essential oils work on mind, body and spirit. They help to clear obstacles and lead more abundant lives. Using essential oils improves health, wellbeing  and emotions

I chose Young Living because the ethics and products of the company fit in with my own. I hope you enjoy the products. If you are looking for an ethical and spiritual business then please explore this website.  As an online Marketer with year's of experience, we will teach you all that you need to know to market your business and even create a website like this. Life is too short to work for somebody else. 

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